Our Havanese Puppies do not leave our home until they are at least 9-12 weeks old, depending on the litter and puppy. We won’t rush our babies!

Prices generally start at $1,000 and up, more for breeding rights. We do not raise our puppies cheap therfore our price reflects the care and quality you are getting in one of our puppies. Prices subject to change.

For Delivery & Payment Options Please see our
Purchasing and Delivery Page


Puppies are sold with limited pet only registration; unless approved.
(additional charges apply for full breeding or show registration)
Please contact us for availability!

FYI for Breeders looking to purchase our puppies:
If and when I reduce prices on our puppies, do to age or faults, I do NOT reduced prices on “Breeding/Show” registration. Prices are only reduced for “pet homes”. I only write this because I have several breeders wanting our puppies at a cheaper price! I paid and worked hard for what I have accomplished in this breed! We have given in upwards of $2,000+ for our dogs plus testing and etc.. I’m not giving them away for someone else to profit for less or for someone to mistreat. Honestly none of my puppies prices should be reduced for even pet homes but sometimes that is just the responsible thing to do to find that puppy it’s home in a more timely manner, when age or a minor fault is playing a role. All prospected buyers are checked so I know they will get a good home. Thank you for your understanding 🙂

Page Updated: May 28, 2019

Babies Are Here! See Pictures Below!


AKC Champion Carlos & Nina Litter
Born: April 9, 2019 Ready: June 11-18, 2019
                                                                                                               (Tentative Date)
AKC Registered, AKC Puppy Protection Package
Excellent Bloodlines!
Price: $1500

Nolan – Male – Black Parti-Color


Nina’s #2 – Male – Black Parti-Color – SOLD!

“Going home with the Thomas Family in Wisconsin!!”


Nina’s #4 – Female – Black Parti-Color – SOLD!

“Going with Pam to Florida!!”


Nicky – Female – Possibly a Blue Parti-Color






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